Conflict in Kosovo – The government of the republic postponed the introduction of ID-cards for Serbs until September

The government of Kosovo will postpone for one month the implementation of the decision to replace identity documents and use license plates issued by the Serbian authorities for its citizens in the north of the partially recognized republic. About it informed Albanian journalist Yehona Hulay.

According to her, the decision was made public shortly after the meeting of the leaders of Kosovo with the American ambassador. Jeff Hovenierwho asked for a 30-day deferral of innovations.

“I think the delay is necessary because there seems to be a misunderstanding regarding this decision. We hope that together with our partners in the European Union we will be able to reduce the tension between the parties. We do not demand an annulment of the decision, but its postponement.”the US Ambassador said.

In turn, the government of Kosovo stated that it strongly condemns the blocking of roads in the north of the republic and shelling of law enforcement agencies by armed people.

“This is about a tendency to destabilize Kosovo and endanger the peace and security of the citizens of our country. Numerous aggressive actions have taken place this afternoon and evening, provoked and prepared by official Belgrade.”the Kosovo government said in a statement.

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The report said that Prime Minister Albin Kurti, along with President Vyosa Osmani, established contacts and scheduled meetings with US and European partners on the issue.

“On this occasion, the Government of Kosovo undertakes to postpone the execution of the two decisions of 29 June 2022 until 1 September 2022. From now until Monday, August 1, 2022, all barricades in northern Kosovo must be dismantled and freedom of movement established on all roads.”– summed up in the government.

Recall that tensions between Kosovo and Serbia resumed amid the entry into force of a new order, according to which Kosovo Serbs with Serbia-issued license plates on cars must re-register them for Kosovo (RKS) plates. Also, citizens of Serbia on the territory of a partially recognized state will be issued temporary documents replacing Serbian ones.

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Earlier in Serbia they started talking about “denazification” of the Balkansand local President Aleksandar Vucic issued a statement in which he blamed Pristina for the escalation of the conflict and promised that Serbia will win.

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