Conflict between Taiwan and China could escalate into World War III

In the event of an attack on Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and the United States may be on its side.

Tensions are growing between China and Taiwan / photo

If a conflict begins between the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and Taiwanthis could lead to World War III.

About it told political scientist Artur Kharitonov during an informational telethon.

To the question of the presenter, what could be the scenarios for the development of events between Taiwan and China, the expert replied that they are quite different.

“This can lead to war, and as my Taiwanese colleagues tell me, Ukraine gave Taiwan a year or two, five, ten, but no one knows exactly how much, because it’s hard to analyze what’s in the head of a crazy dictator who wants to take over another country,” Kharitonov said.

The Chinese authorities introduced military exercises both before Pelosi’s arrival and after, and in parallel with this, Taiwan is conducting exercises, which now plans to test five types of missiles, the political scientist said.

“Another thing is that from the real actions, as of this morning, China has done the following: announced a boycott of Taiwanese citrus fruits and two types of fish. That is, you understand that too loud statements in reality turn out to be somewhat dubious steps,” emphasized by the expert.

He is convinced that war cannot be avoided and it is only a matter of time.

“China is preparing for war, Taiwan is preparing to defend itself. Japan is very actively involved in this process, because an attack on Taiwan is virtually impossible without an attack on Okinawa Prefecture (the territory of Japan – UNIAN), which borders Taiwan in the north. And Japan is very actively developing plans how to repel the Chinese threat and actually changed its legislation in order to enter the war for Taiwan,” said Artur Kharitonov.

According to the expert, in the event of a war between China and Taiwan, the conflict could escalate into a third world war.

“(South – UNIAN) Korea is also considering the possibility of entering the war for Taiwan, since American military bases are located on the territory of Japan and South Korea. Both in the event of an attack on Taiwan, and if Washington wants to support the power of the island, they will it is these troops that have been involved … This could turn into the beginning of a real Third World War, because several countries will be affected from one attack, “the expert summed up.

As UNIAN reported, on May 23, US President Joe Biden vows to use military force to defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese attack.

A week later, dozens of Chinese aircraft entered Taiwan’s air defense zone, but there was no armed clash.

On June 10, US and Chinese Defense Ministers Lloyd Austin and Wei Fenghe met in Singapore. After the talks, the PRC Ministry of Defense stated that Beijing was ready to enter the war if attempts were made to make Taiwan independent. At the same time, the conversation between the ministers in China was described as “frank”, “positive and constructive”.

In mid-June, Chinese leader Xi Jinping signed a decree allowing “non-military” use of the armed forces. This raised concerns about a potential Chinese invasion of Taiwan under the guise of a “special operation” without a declaration of war.

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