Conflict between Serbia and Kosovo – Shots are heard at the border

In the Kosovo-Mitrovica district on the border with Serbia, the sounds of shooting and sirens are heard, the Kosovo special forces have pulled their forces, according to Telegrafi.

By information publications, reinforced forces of the Kosovo special forces, NATO KFOR and Italian carabinieri came to the bridge over the Iber River. Meanwhile, local Serbs are taking to the streets, and videos with the sounds of sirens and automatic bursts appear on the network.

The north of Kosovo is inhabited by ethnic Serbs who are negative about the separation of the region from Serbia. Therefore, they still use the Serbian currency there and have Serbian citizenship.

The conflict escalated just hours before a new order came into effect, according to which Kosovo Serbs with Serbia-issued car license plates must re-register them as Kosovo (RKS) plates. Also, citizens of Serbia on the territory of a partially recognized state will be issued temporary documents replacing Serbian ones.

Local Serbs build barricades to protest Pristina’s decision to re-register vehicles and ID cards. The construction of the barricades is confirmed by the Deputy Chief of Police of Kosovo in the Northern Region Besim Hoti.

“There was a blockade of the road in Zubin Potok near Varag and in Rudar. It seems that false news was spread that the municipality would be blocked by special forces, which is completely untrue,” he said.

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According to the agreement between Serbia and Kosovo, which was signed in 2011, provision is made for a temporary – for a period of 5 years – the use of neutral documents and license plates by the northerners of Kosovo. Despite the fact that the transition period has long ended, all attempts to force the Kosovo Serbs to switch to national documents have only caused mass protests. In the same year, Kosovo intends to achieve its goal – from August 1, neutral documents and car signs lose their validity.

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Recall that in 2020 Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, Kosovo Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti and US President Donald Trump signed an agreement called “Economic Normalization “. The teacher and Hoti did not hide their joy, because the agreements reached concerned not only economic relations between Kosovo and Serbia, but also some political issues.

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