Concessions to Putin will lead to disaster

The prime minister believes that Russia can take them as a reward for its aggression.

Boris Johnson / photo

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised that the country would “uncompromisingly” support Ukraine.

This is written by the British online edition The Independent with reference to his official representative.

Johnson said that any concessions from partners to Moscow would lead to a “catastrophe.”

“We must not allow anyone to believe that concessions to Putin will lead to anything other than disaster,” he quoted Johnson.

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The prime minister believes that Russia and its allies may perceive them as a reward for unjustified aggression against Ukraine. He is convinced that this will have an impact on the security and economy of the UK.

Johnson also promised to provide new political, military and financial support from the international community to Ukraine.

Recall that earlier Boris Johnson named four steps to strengthen the ability of Ukraine to defend itself against the aggression of the Russian Federation.

As UNIAN reported earlier, the head of the British army told his troops that they should “prepare to fight in Europe again”to defeat the forces of Vladimir Putin.

Recall that Britain to hand over M109 howitzers to Ukrainecapable of destroying manpower, armored vehicles and modern tanks.

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