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The star announced her future video, but ran into criticism.

Singer Kamaliya in a new video / Screenshot

Singer Kamaliya published an excerpt from a new video for the song “Vіyna” on her Instagram blog. The video work will soon be presented to the public. However, fans paid attention not so much to the new creation of the star as to her appearance.

Fans write that this make-up of Kamaliya does not suit at all. The performer was also compared with Taisiya Povaliy and Boris April.

“Everything is very cool, only something has not been finalized with the face. A more natural shade is requested. This is what I see, do not take it as criticism”, “Everything is cool. makeup … In appearance: not professional and terrible. You are a beautiful woman with Ukrainian features. But it’s just a shock”, “The song is beautiful, but the makeup is just awful”, “God, is that you? Very bad makeup, it doesn’t suit you. He makes you much older, sorry,” netizens write.

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Kamaliya read the dissatisfaction and answered: “My beloved, don’t worry so much about my makeup, it was so planned! Can someone guess what we wanted to say with this?”.

Recall Kamaliya showed a luxurious mansion in London, where she settled refugees.

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