Choreographer Zhenya Kot told what prevented him from joining the Armed Forces of Ukraine – UNIAN

The dancer noted that he had such a desire, but circumstances interfered.

Zhenya Kot with his wife / Photo -

Ukrainian choreographer Evgeny Kot became the hero of the project “How are you?”with Grigory Reshetnik. In the program, he told why he could not stand up for his country in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

So, according to Kota, he has health problems that are not compatible with military service. However, this does not prevent him from helping the army by supplying cars to the front line.

“I have problems that are not compatible with the service. I have a knee injury, torn wrists. But if there is an urgent need, I will go. – said the Cat.

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Yevgeny’s wife, Natalya Tatarintseva, also added that she and her husband are thinking about adopting a child who has become an orphan due to the war.

“People who are not so easy to get pregnant, especially me, because there is a certain story, my own, I have to work on it every month. This is such a woman’s work. Both internally and with the head, hormones. You live it. For you every day you see children, every month you look at them as if they were your own,” Natalya commented.

Recall that the wife of Zhenya Kota admitted why they have no children.

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