Cherry prices fell in Ukraine – analysts – UNIAN

There are currently no problems with a shortage of cherries in the country.

Sweet cherries are sold cheaper than a year ago / photo Alexander Prilepa, UNIAN

Cheaper in Ukraine sweet cherry – gardeners are forced to reduce prices, they are already lower than they were a year ago.

Analysts came to this conclusion EastFruit.

Analysts say that the main reason for the decline in prices is the volume supply, contrary to expectations.

“In addition, buyers are often dissatisfied with the quality of the products offered, which also negatively affects prices. on average 30% cheaper than a week earlier.

Another factor in price reduction is limited access to sales markets. As you know, the main production of sweet cherries is concentrated in the Zaporozhye and Mykolaiv regions, which today are partially occupied and practically do not have the opportunity to ship their products to other regions.

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“Thus, at the moment, prices for sweet cherries in Ukraine are already on average 25% lower than in the second half of June 2021. At the same time, producers emphasize that they do not intend to further reduce prices, since sales at lower prices, at their opinion is inappropriate. They admit that in this case they cannot fully cover even the costs of production. Moreover, Ukrainian gardeners are not sure that the price reduction will lead to an increase in the sales of these products,” analysts say.

Earlier, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy noted that today Ukrainians cherry available from Odessa and Transcarpathian regions.

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