Checks of Russians on the Finnish border

At the end of July, Finland introduced enhanced checks on Russians returning to Russia from Europe.

On the Finnish border, Russians are being intensively checked / photo

Finnish customs, during enhanced inspections, found that Russian tourists returning home from Europe had sanctioned goodswhich can be used for industrial and military purposes.

This was reported in the press service of the Finnish customs, writes Yle.

In particular, we are talking about navigation aids and drones.

In addition, tourists were found to have luxury goods, the export of which to Russia is currently limited due to EU sanctions imposed due to the Russian-led war in Ukraine.

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It is noted that at the end of July 2022, the Finnish customs carried out just over 2,500 checks at border crossing points in relation to persons traveling to Russia. About a hundred inspections led to additional measures due to sanctions.

Currently, the customs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland are conducting a pre-investigation check of about 20 cases related to passenger transport. In some cases, it may be a sanctioned offense.

At the same time, according to the director of the control department of the Finnish customs Mikko Grenberg, the results of the inspection show that monitoring of tourists leaving Finland in Russia should be continued in the future.

In addition, the publication notes that not so long ago, Finnish stores began to restrict the sale of sanctioned goods to Russian tourists: now the buyer cannot sell goods under sanctions if it is obvious that they are going to be transported to Russia.

As UNIAN reported earlier, Russian tourists traveling to Finland along the land border complained about too strict baggage screening and new restrictions due to the imposition of EU sanctions against Russia due to the war in Ukraine.

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