In Germany, Russians are being prosecuted for violating sanctions when applying for tax free

because of Russian invasion of Ukraine European Union countries have banned the export of clothes, accessories and shoes worth more…

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SBU interception – Ukrainian defenders destroyed a significant part of the Russian military elite, which was preparing to counter NATO

Ukrainian servicemen almost completely defeated the units of the western military district of the Russian Federation, and those invaders who…

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British Airways flight crew quarantined after monkeypox infection

The Singaporean authorities have quarantined the crew of a British Airways passenger plane for 21 days after a flight attendant…

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Prices for houses in the Kyiv region

In the Kyiv region, the first houses are being erected instead of ruins. In the Kyiv Regional Military Administration saidWhat…

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Export of Ukrainian grain – Ukraine has not reached an agreement on negotiations with the Russian Federation

The speaker of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Oleg Nikolenko, said that specific agreements on holding negotiations with…

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NASA will gradually turn off the tools of the vehicles

epic interstellar journey Voyager may soon come to an end as NASA begins to slowly shut down their instruments. The…

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Denis Berinchyk – Ukrainian boxer got his new opponent during the war

Ukrainian boxer Denis Berinchik (16-0, 9 KOs) next fight will be against EBU title holder Ivan Mendy. The fight will…

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During the full-scale war, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have already liberated 1026 settlements

Armed Forces of Ukraine since full-scale invasion of the Russian army in Ukraine 1,026 settlements have already been liberated from…

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Assistance to IDPs – who and how can be deprived of IDP status in Ukraine

Due to the military invasion of the Russian Federation, many Ukrainians were forced to move to other regions and receive…

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Zelensky said Ukrainians are fighting for a new victory

Ukrainian Head of State Volodymyr Zelensky addressed Ukrainians on the 81st anniversary of the outbreak of World War II. The…

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