Buy a non-cash dollar through the application – this function did not work for Privat24

In the PrivatBank application – Privat24, the purchase of a non-cash dollar, which the NBU allowed banks on July 21, 2022, does not work. This is reported “Judicial-legal newspaper”.

The PrivatBank application writes that the sale of a non-cash dollar is prohibited according to the decision of the NBU.

From July 27, the NBU gave banks the opportunity to include in the calculation of the volume of cash currency that they can sell to citizens in the cash segment, not only the previously purchased cash currency (starting from April 13, 2022), but also half of the non-cash currency purchased from citizens with the same dates. This should increase supply in the cash segment of the foreign exchange market.

Vasily Furman, Deputy Chairman of the Council of the National Bank of Ukraine, said on TSN on July 31 that Ukrainians can already buy a non-cash dollar in the PrivatBank application Privat24 and other similar applications of banks.

“10 days ago, the NBU eased currency regulation measures and allowed citizens to buy non-cash dollars using software. You can use Privat24, for example, and buy a non-cash dollar by placing a deposit in the bank for at least 3 months. The state guarantees a 100% return on all deposits of citizens,” he stressed.

“And the exchange rate, when you can buy a dollar worth up to UAH 50,000, is much more profitable there – 37 kopecks,” Furman added.

Recall that the launch of the sale of currency in the application this week was also announced by Monobank.

As you know, on July 21, in addition to changing the official dollar rate, the NBU updated a number of other restrictions introduced after February 24. Some of them were weakened by the regulator.

In particular, the National Bank allowed citizens to buy non-cash currency in banks to replenish foreign currency deposits. This can be done within the limit, which is the equivalent of UAH 50,000 per month.

Until now, if we were not talking about importers, the currency could only be bought on the cash market: in non-bank, and later – in bank exchange offices.

Banks could sell currency to the population exactly as much as it was bought from them, so it was not always possible to find dollars or euros at bank cash desks. Non-cash transactions for the purchase of currency, including through applications, were prohibited.

Earlier, the National Bank has repeatedly reported that one of the key factors in the population’s demand for foreign currency was the need for savings.

People bought dollars because of fears about the further depreciation of the hryvnia. These fears were especially exacerbated by the uncertainty associated with the war.

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