British Premier Election – Penny Mordaunt Gives Her Support to Liz Truss

Penny Mordont, Tory’s nominee for premiership, who dropped out of the race, supported Liz Truss in the fight for the premiership. About it writes Skynews edition.

Mordaunt announced her support for the Foreign Secretary during a meeting with party members in Exeter, calling Truss “the candidate of hope”.

Penny Mordaunt, who was the last to be eliminated in the first leg of the race, added that Mrs. Truss is capable of beating any competitor.

“This concerns all of us, and I know that it is not easy, you feel a huge responsibility. Me too. I am afraid that if we make the wrong decision, our country will quickly change for the worse. We can lose the election and everything we worked for will be gone. That’s why it’s so important,” she said.

Liz Truss thanked Penny Mordaunt for her support.

“It’s fantastic to have the support of Penny Mordaunt,” she said.

Penny Mordaunt’s support is what both candidates were aiming for in their race for the party presidency, and the ex-candidate’s move deals a major blow to Truss rival Rishi Sunak. Thus, experts say, Mordont will almost certainly earn herself a position in the cabinet if the foreign minister defeats Sunak.

Truss was backed last week by another former prime ministerial candidate, Tom Tugendhat.

In a column in The Times, Tugendhat wrote that the foreign secretary’s tax cut promises were based on “true conservative principles” and that she could unite the party.

Voting by members of the Conservative Party will end on September 2, and whoever is named the winner on September 5 will succeed Boris Johnson as prime minister.

Penny Mordaunt during the election race said that hosted a refugee from Ukraine.

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