Bridges near Kherson – Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the railway bridge – News of Ukraine

The Ukrainian military attacked the railway bridge near Kherson, as a result of which the invaders will not be able to deliver equipment to them, the Center for Strategic Communications of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reports.

“Railway Antonovsky bridge – fse! The chances of survival for the orcs, around which the gradually narrowing loop of the environment is getting smaller. No one will forgive you the torture and humiliation of prisoners, the murder of children and women, the destruction of Ukraine as a whole!!!”, – wrote in the center.

In support of their words, the Center for Strategic Communications of the Armed Forces of Ukraine published a picture of the railway bridge.

Center for Strategic Communications/Telegrams

The satellite image clearly shows the hole in the canvas. For the retreat, the occupiers had only the dam of the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station, however, it was also under the fire control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Earlier, the Ukrainian military attacked the Antonovsky bridge in Kherson.

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“Our forces keep strategically important logistical and transport routes under fire control, which are of critical importance for the enemy, because this does not give him the opportunity to maneuver, does not give him the opportunity to bring up forces and ammunition. The fact that attention is riveted to the bridge is quite understandable. I I note that we appreciate everything that is in our country, even when it is under the occupiers. We do not destroy the infrastructure, we destroy the plans of the enemy. The work of our artillery is so delicate and jewelry that it is more aimed at demoralizing the troops. they were filigree ” , – informed then the head of the press center of the security and defense forces of the operational command “South” Natalia Gumenyuk.

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