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“Busurmanin” best of all demonstrates the absolute failure of the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation to re-equip the Russian army with modern weapons.

BMP-1AK Basurmanin / Photo - Topwar

Despite all attempts to impersonate a new armed army, the vast majority of military equipment and weapons of the armed forces of the Russian Federation is the modernization of Soviet developments.

One example of this is the supposedly new Russian BMP-1AK vehicle, which is just a modernization of the Soviet BMP-1, created in the 60s.

Features BMP-1AK “Basurmanin”

In the 2000s, the Kremlin, in the wake of crazy oil and gas dollars, planned a huge upgrade of the entire ground component of its armed forces. It was about switching to completely new combat vehicles – the Armata tanks known for their ability to stall during the parade, as well as the Kurganets infantry fighting vehicle and heavy T-15 infantry fighting vehicles created on the same chassis.

But according to the original plan, the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation could not rivet thousands of such machines by 2020 due to technological backwardness and the first stage of sanctions from the West. And the Kremlin took the path of modernizing Soviet weapons.

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Including infantry fighting vehicles, the fleet of which, as of 2021, consisted of approximately 500 BMP-1 and more than 3,000 BMP-2. The latter could still be equipped with new sights and anti-tank missile systems, but work with the BMP-1 required a more radical approach.

The fact is that the standard armament of the BMP-1 is the 73-mm 2A82 Grom cannon, the capabilities of which no longer meet the modern requirements of the battlefield, primarily for combating enemy infantry. That is why in the Russian Federation they decided to take the path of replacing the entire tower, deciding to use the tower from the BTR-82A for this. It is armed with a 30 mm automatic cannon and a 7.62 mm machine gun, and the sight has a night channel.

Such an upgrade was called the BMP-1AK “Busurmanin” and was first demonstrated only in 2018. And it took several more years to bring it up to the serial pace of modernization. The first public transfer of an undisclosed number of vehicles took place just before the invasion of the Russian army in early February 2022. It was reported that the vehicles were delivered to units of the Eastern Military District of the Russian Federation.

Capabilities of the BMP-1AK “Busurmanin”

Due to the installation of a new combat module, the weight of the vehicle increased from 13 tons to 14.3 tons. This, by the way, also indicates that the armor level of the vehicle has not changed. But despite the increase in weight, the engine, although updated to the UTD-20S1 version, has the same power at the level of 300 hp. That is, the running capabilities of the car have deteriorated slightly. But it is known about the strengthening of the torsion bar suspension due to the increased load.

To preserve the amphibious capabilities of the BMP-1AK “Busurmanin” received an increase in “floats” above the tracks. The car also received a new digital radio station. This completes the list of upgrades, which perfectly shows significant cost savings. In particular, the car did not receive a panoramic sight, increased protection and, despite the initially announced statements, an anti-tank missile system.

Characteristics of the BMP-1AK “Basurmanin”

  • The weight: 14.3 tons
  • Engine: 300 HP
  • Max Speed: 65 km/h
  • Water travel speed: 7 km/h
  • Crew: 3 people + 8 people landing
  • Armament: 30 mm automatic cannon and 7.62 mm machine gun.

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