Billionaire magazine Forbes put up for sale after unsuccessful attempt to list on the stock exchange

Forbes Magazine planning to sell to a new owner. Purchase offers were sent to the largest media holdings, three people familiar with it, including Yahoo, told the NYT. “Jellyfish”.

According to sources, the owners of Forbes intend to sell the magazine for $630 million or more. This is the sum of the company’s valuation when it was preparing to go public in May. .

Forbes announced its intention to become a public company and go public in the fall of 2021. However, this did not arouse interest among investors.

Forbes magazine, which ranks the rich for which it is famous, has been published since 1917. Until 2014, it belonged to the Forbes family, then a large share of the shares was sold to Integrated Whale Media Investments.

In addition to the publication for the US market, Forbes has 45 licensed versions, including in Ukraine.

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