Berezkin and Zubitsky challenged the EU sanctions in court. Who else among Russian businessmen is ready to file lawsuits

Russian businessmen Grigory Berezkin and Evgeny Zubitsky filed claims with the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg in connection with their inclusion in the EU sanctions lists. Noticed this on June 21st. project The Sanctions Times. Previously, similar steps were taken by other entrepreneurs who fell under the restrictions.

Lawsuit of Zubitsky – co-owner and general director Industrial and metallurgical holding (PMH) – registered in the card file under the number T-359/22. The case is titled Zubitskiy v Council (“Zubitsky against the Soviet [Европейского союза]“). Information on the case is not available.

The lawsuit of Berezkin, the owner of the ESN group of companies, is registered under the number T-360/22, the European Council (BErezkin v Council). Case files are not available.

Both businessmen hit to European sanctions lists on 8 April.

According to the materials of the Official Journal of the European Union, Zubitsky is a co-owner of Russia’s largest coke production and “therefore, he is one of the leading businessmen involved in the economic sector, which is a significant source of income for the government of the Russian Federation.” Berezkin is also “called a leading Russian businessman”, who is “considered a ‘handy’ of President Vladimir Putin”. The magazine notes that the ESN group he leads is present in various industries, including media, energy, infrastructure, IT, petrochemistry and extraction of natural resources. Separately, the company’s projects in the production and sale of methanol with the participation of foreign partners are indicated.

Litigation for years to come

The Sanctions Times notes that, according to the project, since February 2022, 25 Russian businessmen have already filed lawsuits in an attempt to challenge their inclusion in the sanctions lists. Previously Agency Bloomberg noted that these litigations can be multi-year. An RBC source close to one of the plaintiffs also said that the challenge could take “up to two years.”

Who is already challenging the sanctions:

  • Roman Abramovich. The lawsuit of a Russian billionaire with a fortune in $8.6 billion was registered May 25th. A variety of people have already stood up for the businessman, emphasizing his participation in the negotiation process between Moscow and Kyiv and other merits. In particular, to lift sanctions against the former governor of Chukotka and the owner of Chelsea urged director Kirill Serebrennikov, who emphasized that the businessman did a lot for Russian culture.
  • Tigran Khudaverdyan. The claim of the former managing director of the Yandex group was registered on June 6.
  • Alexey Mordashov. The claim of the owner of Severstal under the number T-248/22 was registered on May 11. Entrepreneur Representative reported RBC that he considers sanctions against himself “illegalmi and unfairmi”.
  • Petr Aven and Mikhail Fridman. Former members of the board of directors of Alfa-Bank filed lawsuits at the end of May with a difference of one day – on the 23rd and 24th. Both consider sanctions unreasonable and capable of causing unjustified damage to the business.
  • Dmitry Konov. Former Chairman of the Board of Sibur Holding filed a lawsuit in Luxembourg on June 1, Children’s Day. According to officiallywow representativeI am a businessman, he believes that there were no sanctions no factual or legal basis.

planning challenge sanctions, but have not yet filed claims, the ex-beneficiary of EuroChem and SUEK Andrey Melnichenko and his wife Alexandra. According to RBC, a representative of the spouses called the restrictions against Alexandra “irrational”, since she had never even lived in Russia. The businessman’s wife has Serbian and Croatian citizenship, and was born in Serbia.

Founder of Yandex Arkady Volozh also intends challenge the inclusion in the sanctions lists, but his case has not yet been registered in the filing cabinet. The top manager has already left the positions of executive director and CEO of Yandex NV, and also left the board of directors and all senior positions in the company’s international subsidiaries. Yandex promised “possible support for the company and Arkady in his attempts to appeal and cancel the unjustified inclusion [в санкционные списки]”,

However, some of the people on the EU sanctions lists do not plan to seek to exclude themselves and their loved ones from these lists. One of them is the press secretary of the President Dmitry Peskovwho came under sanctions together with wife Tatyana Navka and children Nikolai and Elizaveta.

“One can only regret that Europe is forced to follow the trend set in Washington. Disputing, at least now, is useless. There is no fair trial there,” Peskov said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

Speaking about the sanctions against his daughter Elizabeth, he noted that she “loves France very much”, where she lived and studied for a long time, but now “her eyes are opening to many things.”

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