Belgium freezes more than 50 billion euros of Russian assets – UNIAN

This is almost 15 times more than was frozen in March.

Belgium blocked the assets of Russian individuals and companies after new sanctions / photo

Authorities Belgium froze about 50.5 billion euros of assets owned by Russian individuals, companies or organizations that fell under EU sanctions after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Told the newspaper De Tijd Francis Adins, representative of the Belgian Ministry of Finance.

It should be noted that the last time Belgium published information about the frozen Russian assets was back in March. Then she blocked 3.5 billion euros, which is almost 15 times less than now.

Belgium, in particular, has frozen cash and stocks that are located on its territory. They belong to 1129 individuals and 110 companies from the Russian Federation. The Belgian Ministry of Finance refuses to name who owns the blocked assets.

“We can only say that we have frozen large sums of assets to individuals who were in the latest waves of sanctions,” Adins said.

According to him, we are talking about the sixth and seventh packages.

Recall that earlier in the European Union they told will the Russian Federation fall apart under the influence of sanctions.

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