Belarusian Mozyr prepares for war with Ukraine

Unusual activity is observed in the city of Mozyr.

Belarus is probably preparing for a possible war / photo

AT Belarusian the city of Mozyr, located near the border with Ukraine, are probably preparing for the possible entry of the troops of the republic into the war.

This is reported channel 24 with reference to sources in the Ukrainian special services. As the journalists found out, unusual activity is observed in Mozyr: the day before, a large number of armed people entered the territory of the local oil refinery. Subsequently, fuel was actively exported from the territory of the refinery.

“It is quite possible that such measures are due to the fear of the Belarusian leadership to be left without fuel in the event of an attack on the enterprise. The actual evacuation from Mazyr began after June 20. Wealthy people began to organize the evacuation of their families abroad or to the north of Belarus. At the same time, they ensured the export of their own valuable things and jewelry,” the TV channel reports.

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The protection of the refinery is currently provided by law enforcement officers. Where exactly the fuel is exported is not reported.

“Such measures in the special services are associated not only with the likely entry into the war on the part of Belarus, but also with the fact that the local elites understand this. Everyone knows that in the event of direct aggression, Ukraine can instantly abandon the position of not striking military targets in a completely unfriendly neighboring republic, and this means that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be able to strike at an oil refinery, ammunition depots, airfields and other places that will be located in the zone of destruction of existing weapons,” the report says.

The threat of aggression from Belarus

At the Ministry of Defense on June 21 reportedthat they do not see signs of preparation for the offensive of the army of Belarus.

Earlier, the self-proclaimed leader of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko erupted in threats against Ukraine. He promised to answer in the event of crossing the “red line” or an attack on the Mozyr Oil Refinery.

From June 22 to July 1 in the Gomel region last “mobilization exercises”.

The day before it was reported that the Armed Forces of Belarus build fortifications along the borders with Ukraine and EU countries.

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