Bayraktar for the Armed Forces of Ukraine – Prytula announced a large-scale collection of UAH 500 million

The volunteer is confident that the necessary funds will be raised within a week.

Prytula Foundation raises money for Bayraktar for Ukrainian defenders / BaykarTech

The Charitable Foundation of Ukrainian showman and volunteer Serhiy Prytula has started a large-scale fundraiser for three attack drones Bayraktar for the APU.

He announced this in Facebook on your birthday.

“This day has come. We are buying Bayraktar. And I invite you to join this noble cause. Our foundation is signing a contract according to which it is planned to purchase three Bayraktar and transfer them to the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” Prytula said in a video posted.

The volunteer added that in total it is necessary to collect over 500 million hryvnias. At the same time, Pritula is sure that the necessary funds will be raised in a week. The fund has already accumulated the first two million dollars, and it remains to raise another $13 million.

A couple of hours after the start of fundraising Prytula showed video with your phone, which constantly receives notifications of receipt of funds:

“This is what a volunteer’s phone looks like when he collects at Bayraktar for Ukraine. You are wonderful! Low bow to everyone!”.

See the video for how to make a donation.

Bayraktar TB2 – Turkish strike operational-tactical medium-altitude UAV with an internal combustion engine and a pusher-type propeller.

The drone can stay in the air for 12 to 24 hours. The maximum control range is up to 150 kilometers.

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