Battle for Donbass – Sentsov believes that at least the active phase is coming to an end

The battle for Donbass is coming to an end, at least the active phase, declared Ukrainian director, former political prisoner of the Russian regime, and now defender of Ukraine Oleg Sentsov. He stressed that, despite all the difficulties, not one of our fighters doubts our victory, because everyone is ready to do everything possible for this.

“There is no particular desire to write anything lately. Reading the news from the rear is sometimes strange, and sometimes disgusting. All this is more like some kind of parallel world or information from outer space. Meanwhile, the battle for Donbass is coming to an end, at least its active phase. The enemy has concentrated its last efforts on trying to capture Bakhmut, and has significantly reduced activity in other Donbas directions,” Sentsov wrote on Facebook.

He added that the Russian occupiers are overturning the main forces to the south of our state in order to “protect” the occupied Kherson and organize a counteroffensive there. Thus, the enemy hopes to stop the advance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Sentsov expressed the hope that we will defend Bakhmut, and defend Kherson in the coming weeks.

“Yes, we are exhausted. Yes, we also have many losses and wounded. Yes, there is little equipment, and there are almost no Soviet-caliber shells left. NATO systems are better, but they are not enough either. But not a single fighter doubts that we will win. Everyone is ready to do everything so that this victory comes as soon as possible. We have not lost, and we will definitely win. Glory to Ukraine!” Sentsov added.

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According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, over the past day in the Donbass the enemy concentrated his efforts on conducting an offensive in the Bakhmut and Avdeev directions in the Donetsk region. The Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled the assault in the areas of Yakovlevka, Vershina, Kodema and Maiskoye. As of the morning of August 2, military operations continued near Bakhmut and Zaitsev.

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