Badoev called Russian colleagues spineless and vowed not to work with them

The famous clip maker is amazed at how the artists are silent when bombs are flying on peaceful cities.

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Ukrainian clip maker and producer Alan Badoev, who has collaborated for a long time with Russian artists Polina Gagarina, Sergey Lazarev, Philip Kirkorov and others, called the silent ones spineless. He expressed his opinion in an interview with the publication KALTBLUT.

“I first experienced shock, fear, and then deep disappointment. After all, in essence, the people for whom I created turned out to be spineless, frightened, and sometimes deceitful. When bombs fly into your country, when your friends die, you cannot be in You have to be on the side of the truth!” Alan said.

Badoev also said that he would no longer have any labor relations with stars from the Russian Federation.

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“The chapter of work with Russian artists is completed, they are not worth my work and the love without which I cannot create. Today I have more global goals and objectives,” summed up producer Max Barskikh.

It should be noted that before the Russian Federation invaded the territory of Ukraine on a full scale, Alan Badoev collaborated with many Russian stars and traveled to the Russian Federation. However, now he positions himself as a Ukrainian cultural figure and cut off all ties with colleagues from the aggressor country.

Recall that in July, clip maker Alan Badoev for the first time since the start of a full-scale war left Ukraine.

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