“Azov” in the Zaporozhye direction destroyed two enemy infantry fighting vehicles in different ways (video)

The first car was blown up with the help of a drone, and the second one was blown up by a shot from a tank.

MTR fighters “Azov” continue to defend Ukrainian lands. Today, August 1, they added two BMP-3s to the list of destroyed enemy equipment. They were blown up in the Zaporozhye direction.

The successful work of the “Azovites” was reported on the Telegram channel of the Strategic Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

A video was attached to the post showing the destruction of the BMP-3. The first car was blown up with a drone. The video shows how the equipment stood and smoked in the field. Apparently, after the first blow, she could no longer move. And the next dropped shells made it possible to destroy the BMP-3. Moreover, one of the frames clearly shows how a fire started inside the car.

The second piece of equipment, which was hidden in a forest plantation, was turned into scrap metal thanks to an accurate shot from a tank. The video did not show the moment of impact, but the footage clearly shows a burning BMP-3.

As a reminder, earlier today, July 1, the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit in a warehouse with ammunition and equipment of the invaders on the outskirts of Skadovsk. And by according to the General Staffsince the full-scale invasion, Ukrainian defenders have already blown up 4011 armored fighting vehicles.

War of the Russian Federation against Ukraine

  • 24 February RF invaded to independent Ukraine and caused a real collapse in the country. The invaders not only seize military units, airports and other strategic facilities, but also shoot at civilians and high-rise buildings of cities.
  • February 27, 2022 information appeared that Belarus could declare war on Ukraine. There is no official confirmation of the invasion of her army into our territory yet.

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