“At the end of February, it became clear that the film festival had to be postponed.” Why did the MIFF change the team of selectors

The organizers of the 44th Moscow International Film Festival, which was originally planned for April 2022, declaredthat it will take place at the end of August. RTVI found out that the former team of selectors had to leave their posts, and the new team had to revise the program on the go because of the “special operation” in Ukraine.

The new dates for the MIFF are from August 26 to September 2. The selection team lead host of the program “Cinema Industry”, producer Ivan Kudryavtsev – He will replace the film critic and culturologist Kirill Razlogov, who died last year. New selection committee includes film critics Egor Moskvitin and Vadim Rutkovsky, producers Katerina Mikhailova, Anna Shalashina and others.

According to an RTVI source familiar with the situation, new blood is forced into the directorate of the MIFF. “A good program was already put together, when almost all the members of the selection committee, who had successfully worked in it for many years, were suddenly fired without warning and gratitude,” he said. “Some of them, however, foresaw the course of events and left on their own.”

It was not possible to confirm the fact of layoffs, however, the program director of the film festival Pyotr Shepotinnik and the selector Stas Tyrkin confirmed their departure to RTVI. They declined any comment. Film critic and film critic Andrey Plakhov told RTVI that he had stopped working with the Moscow International Film Festival as a selector after the festival president Nikita Mikhalkov made statements in support of a “special operation” in Ukraine.

“I have been cooperating with the Moscow International Film Festival for many years and even decades, I have headed the selection committee more than once,” Plakhov told RTVI. Festival program [2022 года] was 90 percent prepared for the film screening in April. By the end of February, it became clear that the festival had to be postponed. The management, however, wanted to get it done as soon as possible and sought assurance that the old team would work. But I soon realized that I couldn’t rely on the previous selection committee (except for Evgenia Tirdatova).

I wrote a letter in which I indicated that after Mikhalkov supported ***** [«спецоперацию»] against Ukraine, my cooperation with the festival cannot continue now. I believe that my fellow selectors expressed their attitude to the situation in one way or another. And then the management quickly found a new, from their point of view, reliable team.

Film critic Yevgenia Tirdatova and film critic Yegor Moskvitin, who started working in December 2021, retained their posts in the new team. “We see the overarching goal of the new edition of the MIFF as Openness and Openness,” quotes the new head of the selectors of the Moscow Film Festival Ivan Kudryavtsev edition of the cinema RGdoc. – The discovery, first of all, of new names in world cinema, new countries and territories, unfamiliar to the thousands of audience of the MIFF and poorly (so far) studied by the world festival community. In total, we see more than 60 countries in applications, but the dynamics of their receipt is such that there will be significantly more of them.”

According to Kudryavtsev, the cinema of India and Iran enjoys stable interest. In addition, he draws attention to “Nollywood”, that is, the Nigerian film factory. “The same Nigeria, whose population has exceeded 200 million people, and in a few years will go over a quarter of a billion, has become the center of an ebullient cinematography, where box office fees amount to a billion dollars in less than a year,” says the selector. — And there are many such examples of emerging new “points of growth”. The openness of the MIFF venue, first of all, to them is our basic principle.”

At the same time, the MIFF sets as its task to show “the whole palette of modern cinema, including from long-familiar territories,” says Kudryavtsev. “It remains for me to express the hope that the Moscow Festival will live to see better times and be restored as a truly international cultural event,” Andrei Plakhov noted for his part.

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