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Most often they support the childfree ideology.

Signs that do not like children / Collage UNIAN

Experts in the field of astrology and astropsychology have listed the zodiac signs that do not like children. Their representatives often do not want to prolong their family and support the childfree ideology.


Taught by the bitter experience of their family, these people are in no hurry to start a family and children. The thing is that most representatives of this zodiac sign had difficult life circumstances and a difficult, possibly impoverished childhood. Therefore, the possibility of having children of their own is associated with what they experienced at a younger age.


Libra puts a career first. They have the conviction that family and children are absolutely incompatible with the development of their own business and the popularization of the name. That is why they pave the way to wealth, forgetting about family values.

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Capricorns are afraid of responsibility for others, so they are not ready to have children. Although at the age of 25-28 they begin to understand that children are the “flowers of life”, but still they are in no hurry with this issue.

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