astrologer Vlad Ross gave a forecast on which cities Putin could launch a nuclear strike – UNIAN

“Putin is disgusted with Galicia, and he will incinerate it,” Ross said.

The astrologer told which cities could suffer from a nuclear strike /

Famous astrologer Vlad Ross said that Russian President Vladimir Putin is preparing for a nuclear war. Already in August, he can strike at western Ukraine.

According to the expert, Putin has nothing to lose, so he can decide on a nuclear strike.

“Putin is already preparing for a nuclear war and is thinking through the situation. He understands that he has only a few months left to live. He is sick, he is dying, a walking corpse. There is absolutely nothing holding him back on Earth. person who used nuclear weapons,” Vlad Ross said in a comment Glavred.

The astrologer also added that dictator Putin can strike at the cities of western Ukraine, but Kyiv and Odessa are still safe.

“Putin is disgusted with Galicia, and he will incinerate it. Together with Poland. The most dangerous place in terms of a nuclear strike by Russia is the western cities of Ukraine: Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Lutsk. The greatest danger exists for Lutsk, since in Putin’s understanding there are “Nazis.” These are the most dangerous places where a schizophrenic Putin can target missiles with nuclear warheads,” Ross added.

Recall, previously a psychic named the date when the invaders will “bring down” Kyiv.

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