Astrologer assessed the risk of Belarus attacking Ukraine – UNIAN

Even a small probability of an invasion from Belarus should not be ignored, Dmitry Uranus believes.

The astrologer assessed the risks of an attack by Belarus on Ukraine / photo: REUTERS

Astrologer Dmitry Uranus assessed the threat of the invasion of Belarusian troops into the territory of Ukraine.

He posted his prediction on social media.

“As for the threat from Belarus, since two lines of Mars pass through Belarus and Ukraine, there is a threat from the territory of Belarus, especially the threat of missile strikes. But it’s hard to say whether this invasion threat will be realized. Something is definitely planned there,” – he noted.

“I think that even a small probability of an invasion from Belarus should not be ignored,” the astrologer added.

Remember, the astrologer warned Ukrainians about the serious threat of new Russian strikes on Kyiv until June 29. In particular, we are talking about the center of the capital and the government quarter. He also named other cities.

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