Armed Forces of Ukraine warned of the threat of missile strikes from the sea on sacred dates

Residents of coastal areas were warned about the high threat of rocket attacks by the Russian army from the Black Sea.

By data Operational Command South, 17 warships and boats The Russian Black Sea Fleet is maneuvering in the Black Sea off the Crimean coast from Cape Tarkhankut to Novorossiysk. Among them are six carriers of Caliber cruise missiles (44 missiles) and four large landing ships.

“Given the enemy’s love for sacredness and outstanding dates, the threat of a missile attack from the sea is as high as possible, but this does not exclude the use of aviation and ground-based missile systems,” the message says.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine also added that the enemy ship grouping in the waters of the Black and Azov Seas is focusing on blocking civilian navigation in the northwestern part of the Black Sea and hitting military facilities and infrastructure deep in Ukraine.

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In readiness for strikes with high-precision weapons are four carriers of sea-launched cruise missiles.

Earlier, the representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, Vadim Skibitsky, did not rule out that Ukraine could use the HIMARS MLRS against Russian facilities in the temporarily annexed Crimea, since Russian troops set up their hub there. Residents of the occupied Crimea are beginning to realize the reality of the threat of transferring the war to the territory of the peninsula.

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