Armed Forces of Ukraine liquidated the infamous DPR artillerywoman

Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated a well-known terrorist of the Russian-controlled “DPR” Olga Kachura with the callsign “Korsa”. About it informed Stratcom of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“The very creature that in 2014 was camouflaged under the Armed Forces of Ukraine and attacked the civilian population. She breathed in severe anguish from the numerous wounds received. Karma got her too. So it will be with every traitor!!!”, – the message of the Stratcom of the Armed Forces of Ukraine says.

APU officer Anatoly Stefan in his Telegram wrote : “Finally. Pseudo-colonel, former policeman and commander of the ReADn 3 Omsbr Kachura Olga “Korsa” took a “step of good will” – officially denazified and demilitarized.

Information about the liquidation of Korsa. confirmed the so-called mayor of the occupied Gorlovka, collaborator Ivan Prikhodko.

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What is known about her?

A native of Donetsk, Olga Kachura worked in the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, was an investigator. In 2011, she was dismissed from law enforcement agencies, a police lieutenant colonel in the reserve. In 2014, she joined the terrorist formation “3rd separate motorized rifle brigade” Berkut “”, created on the basis of the so-called “Bezler group”.

In the ranks of terrorists, she rose to the position of “commander” of a rocket artillery battalion and received the pseudo-title of “colonel of the DPR troops.” She directly led the shelling of the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Ilovaisk, Debaltseve, Avdiivka, where many Ukrainian soldiers were killed. It is also known that she dressed in the uniform of the Ukrainian military and attacked the civilian population of Donbass.

January 2022 Olga Kachura was sentenced in absentia to 12 years in prison under Part 1 of Article 258-3 of the Criminal Code (participation in a terrorist group or terrorist organization).

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