Armed Forces of Ukraine informed about the liberation of the settlement in the Donetsk direction – UNIAN

Which locality is in question is not disclosed.

Soldiers of the 53rd brigade liberated a village in the Donetsk direction / screenshot

As a result of successful actions, the Armed Forces of Ukraine liberated and finally cleared from the Russian occupation troops one of the settlements in the Donetsk direction.

About it reported on the Facebook page of the 53rd Motorized Brigade im. Prince Vladimir Monomakh.

As they say in the message, soldiers of the 24th separate assault battalion “Aidar” also took part in the liberation of the Ukrainian village from the Russian invaders.

Now the village is more like a ghost: “dead” military equipment, broken houses and terrible memories of the civilian population, the military say.

The brigade does not report which settlement it is talking about. The Ukrainian military handed over food, medicines and essentials to local residents.

The Washington Post writesthat Russia will soon have to admit that it is unable to capture the entire Donbass. At the same time, the Ukrainian army has a chance to seize the initiative thanks to more advanced artillery, in particular the American Himars.

Earlier, UNIAN reported that the soldiers of the Ukrainian army restored control over already 44 settlements of the Kherson region. However, most of the region is still under temporary occupation.

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