Armed Forces of Ukraine defeated Russian reconnaissance groups in Donbass. Russians are trying to restore bridges in the south – Ukrainian news, Politics

The Ukrainian forces defeated the reconnaissance groups of the occupiers in the Slavic and Bakhmut directions, and also repulsed the assaults in other sectors of the front in the Donbass. Meanwhile, the Russians are trying to restore broken bridges and crossings across the Dnieper. This was reported in the evening summary General Staff.

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On the Seversky direction The Russian army is trying to counteract the means of Ukrainian intelligence and has deployed electronic warfare systems.

On the Kharkiv direction The Russians fired at settlements and tried to expose the firing positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but they were not successful and retreated.

On the Slavic direction not far from Mazanovka, Ukrainian defenders discovered and neutralized an enemy reconnaissance group.

On the Kramatorsk direction due to significant losses of manpower, military equipment and a low level of moral and psychological state, the Russians did not conduct active offensive operations, but fired at the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and settlements.

On the Bakhmut direction in the Yakovlevka area, the enemy tried to conduct reconnaissance. The Armed Forces of Ukraine discovered the reconnaissance group and inflicted losses on it. The rest of the group fled. Also, by assault actions, the enemy tried to improve the tactical situation in the areas of Soledar, Vershina and Bakhmut, but had no success and retreated.

On the Avdeevsky direction the army of the Russian Federation conducted assault operations in the directions of Avdiivka and Peskov, but it was not successful, but the fighting continues.

The General Staff reports that the Ukrainian soldiers nullified all attempts by the occupiers to advance in the direction Maryinka. The enemy conducted aerial reconnaissance to identify the Armed Forces of Ukraine and adjust the fire. Now the Russian army continues to regroup, trying to strengthen its troops in southern Ukraine.

In the southbound direction Russian engineering units are trying to restore destroyed and damaged bridges and bridge crossings across the Dnieper.

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