anti-Putin legion showed a prisoner from Luhansk (photo) – UNIAN

The warriors stressed that Putin’s regime “throws into the furnace of war” everyone who can be forcibly mobilized.


Warriors of the anti-Putin legion “Freedom of Russia” captured the “mobilized” from Luhansk. The guy is not even 18 years old.

This was reported in Telegram legion.

“We again have another prisoner, mobilized from the city of Luhansk. The guy is not even 18 years old. Putin and his sixes are throwing thousands of lives of innocent people into the furnace of war, minors have already gone into action,” the message says.

The Legion also posted a photo of the prisoner, but his face is not visible. The personal data of the unfortunate occupier were not made public.

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As UNIAN reported, the Russian occupiers arrange gas leaks in high-rise buildings in Luhansk to drive men who are hiding from the mobilization into the street. As a prisoner of war from Lugansk, who was mobilized by the enemy in April of this year, told the SBU, Russians use such methods in high-rise buildings in cities.

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