and very much”: propagandist Solovyov threatened NATO with World War III (video) – UNIAN

The Kremlin mouthpiece burst into yet another batch of threats due to the “unfriendly actions” of the West.

Solovyov erupted with threats regarding the Third World War / screenshot

The top propagandist of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Solovyov, again took up his favorite business – to threaten to threaten the world with war. According to him, World War III is about to begin.

He stated this during the broadcast on the federal channel.

First, Solovyov criticized the invited “experts”, saying that they are always wrong in their forecasts. “In his opinion, the “behavior” of the Western countries in relation to the Russian Federation provokes the Third World War.

“The level of degradation of solutions in the West is already causing concern. It is reminiscent of children who have taken a pin in their hand and are trying to understand what is in the socket. They will shy away – and very much,” he said.

According to him, the countdown is not for seconds, because “there are no more seconds.”

“You really don’t understand that we are no longer seconds away from the Third World War, but the seconds are already over,” he threatened.

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Earlier Solovyov proposed seize countries producing spare parts that Russia lacks due to sanctions for invading Ukraine.

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