Analysts calculated how much equipment Russia and Ukraine lost on the battlefield

They estimate the losses of Ukraine at 1388 pieces of equipment.


Russia has lost at least 5,020 units since the invasion of Ukraine military equipment.

This is reported by the analytical project Oryxwhich collects information about the military losses of the parties during the war only according to visually confirmed data.

According to the latest data, Russia lost 5020 pieces of equipment, of which 3202 were destroyed, 103 damaged, 323 abandoned and 1392 captured.

The Russian Federation lost 916 tanks (556 of them were destroyed, 277 were captured), 507 armored fighting vehicles (334 were destroyed, 132 were captured) and 987 infantry fighting vehicles (644 were destroyed, 254 were captured).

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Analysts estimate Ukraine’s losses at 1,388 pieces of equipment, including 232 tanks (110 destroyed, 108 captured), 116 armored combat vehicles (56 destroyed, 57 captured) and 173 infantry fighting vehicles (101 destroyed, 58 captured).

Earlier, a military expert said, how many tanks does russia have left on the battlefield.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reports that as of July 30, Ukrainian servicemen eliminated about 40,670 Russian invaders. Also destroyed a large number of equipment.

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