An-30 plane crashed while landing in Yakutia

On June 22, an An-30 plane crashed in Yakutia. EMERCOM of Russia in the Yakutsk region reported that the aircraft did not land at the appointed time at the airport in the village of Olenek, after which the department informed RTVI that the liner was found 70 km from the village. RBC citing a source writesthat the aircraft belongs to the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations told RTVI that during search and rescue operations, an An-30 aircraft was found 70 km from the village of Olenyok. According to preliminary data, the aircraft made a hard landing. The people on board are alive, three needed the help of doctors.

According to Interfax’s interlocutor, the An-30 could have crashed due to a “sudden technical malfunction.” The plane was performing a landing approach and did not reach the alignment of the airport runway, the source said.

According to the rescuers, the missing An-30 flew on the Yakutsk-Olenyok route, performing a commercial flight, but disappeared from radar some time after takeoff. The last time the aircraft crew contacted was 30 km from the village of Olenyok, but the emergency beacon did not work. At the same time, Olenyok airport controllers said that they did not receive messages from the An-30 crew that the plane was out of order before it disappeared from radar.

The website of the Yakut Ministry of Emergency Situations states that, in addition to the crew, there were five crew members and a cargo of 6.3 tons of food on board. Interfax was told at the Yakutsk airport that, in addition to the five crew members, there were two technicians on board. A Mi-8 helicopter and an An-26 patrol aircraft were brought in to search for the aircraft.

Investigative Committee of Russia aroused a criminal case due to the lack of information about the location of the An-30 aircraft under the article on violation of traffic safety rules and the operation of air transport, which resulted in the death of two or more people through negligence (part 3 of article 263 of the Criminal Code of Russia).

A day earlier, June 21 in Yakutia gone missing aircraft An-2, which operated the flight Us Khatyn — Vertical. On board were two crew members and one passenger, as well as 1 ton of cargo. The ship disappeared from radar and did not arrive at its destination. An An-26 plane and two Mi-8 helicopters with rescuers on board were sent to search for the missing An-2. At the time of publication of the material, the missing liner has not been found.

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