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The Ukrainian office of the human rights organization Amnesty International stated that they did not take part in the preparation and distribution of the report, which states that the Armed Forces of Ukraine endanger civilians. About it in the comment hromadske said the speaker of Amnesty International Ukraine Kateryna Miteva, noting that the report did not record a single war crime by the Ukrainian military.

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Miteva said that, according to the rules of the organization, during armed conflicts and wars, only the Crisis Response Department is involved in documenting violations and crimes.

According to her, since February 24, the organization’s researchers have documented dozens of war crimes on the territory of Ukraine and proved that they were committed by the Russian military.

The speaker of the Ukrainian office noted that it is necessary to distinguish between war crimes and violations of international humanitarian law (IHL), which regulate the laws and customs of war. Only grave violations of IHL are considered war crimes and require that the perpetrators be prosecuted.

“The Amnesty International Crisis Response Department team has not recorded a single war crime by the Ukrainian military,” Miteva said.

She explained that the organization’s researchers record war crimes based on a detailed analysis and verification of all available photo and video evidence, eyewitness accounts, radar data and satellite images. If there is access to the facility, the remaining weapons and the extent and nature of the damage are assessed on the ground.

  • Amnesty International said that the Ukrainian military is allegedly setting up bases in residential areas, schools and hospitals, thereby endangering civilians.
  • Advisor to the head of the Presidential Office Mikhail Podolyak notedthat Ukraine adheres to all laws of warfare and international humanitarian law.
  • Freelance Advisor to the Minister of Defense Alexei Kopytko declaredthat Amnesty International offers the country “collective suicide”.
  • Foreign Secretary Dmitry Kuleba declaredthat accusing Ukraine of “violating the laws of war” by Amnesty International “creates a false balance between perpetrator and victim.”

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