American teachers are real child molesters

When will we wake up and understand what the left is doing to our children and fight back? Reading in City Journal:

“Patricia (pseudonym) is the mother of a teenage girl who has identified herself as transgender in recent years. She lives in California, advocates progress, votes Democratic and leads a group of parents whose children suffer from transient gender dysphoria – these young people suddenly felt dissatisfied their bodies and believe that a medical “transition” will help them.” She said that her daughter is ashamed of being white and, as a result, became first a lesbian and then a transgender.

Since then, I’ve spoken to a dozen parents, and they’ve told a similar story. Schools instill in children that it is shameful to be white because the “system” they have created gives them undeserved “privileges” and oppresses people of color. Guilt-ridden children—characteristically, almost all girls—flock to the LGBTQ+ sanctuary. And from there they ascend into heroes. According to Patricia, some teachers at her daughter’s school are much more condescending towards children-queerand transgender people when they turn in their homework late.

Schoolchildren shake their heads – especially girls. They are acutely aware of how self-awareness affects their social status and academic performance. They crave the warmth and affection that comes with a queer/trans identity, but above all, they don’t want to be seen as vicious oppressors. Immature and insecure, they take the “anti-racist” treatment at face value. They do not see how anti-historical, anti-intellectual and generally inhumane, and do not understand why teachers and administrators are forcing this. Teenagers can’t change their skin color, but they can soften the blow by declaring themselves part of some oppressed group.”

In other words, becoming black will not work, but “gay” – easily. Read on.

“As I learned from conversations with parents, information discord is one of the reasons why they do not speak out.

As soon as the child establishes himself in the new LGBTQ+ identity, parents are unable to stop the rapid deterioration of his mental and physical health. The school not only stimulates the desire to get away from the status of “white cisgender” at any cost, but almost certainly pursues an “assertive” and “inclusive” policy. This means that she will unquestioningly accept the new gender of the child, will call him the appropriate pronouns and even hide it from the “stubborn” parents. One of the school staff even advised his son Josie (pseudonym) to leave home and hide in the LGBT center. Examples of teachers giving advice to students on how to behave during the “social transition” and not arouse suspicion at home, and even give them chest straps, are numerous. Even if without pedophile motives and courtship, it undermines the authority of parents and usurps their responsibility for sex education.”

In April, parents from the Glendale School District obtained emails between officials in which a teacher asked for advice on how to teach LGBT content to third graders. Craig Lewis, Curator of Restorative Practices and Positive Behavior Support, advised explaining to children that LGBTQ+ people are “all of us” and that such people are best called “queer”. According to Joan (pseudonym), an activist for school transparency and accountability, parents at a school board meeting opposed teacher brainwashing, but representatives of the teachers’ union walked around the room and filmed everyone who spoke out, apparently hoping to intimidate them. A group of parents filed a legitimate request to find out what schools teach children. However, the school leadership, if they answered, was evasive and substituting concepts.

Read it, don’t be lazy. The author is Leor Sapir. There is a truly diabolical attack on the child’s psyche. What will our country be like when these wounded children grow up?

These self-proclaimed “progressives” are real child molesters.

Tweet: “Why introduce kids to transvestites right in the schools? To spark their imaginations and make them ‘queer’.”

James Lindsay.

Here is an excerpt from a scientific paper that Lindsey discovered.

“In recent years, a program for young children called the Drag Queen Story Hour has been gaining popularity and controversy. Written by an academic educator and a transvestite involved, this article examines the program in the context of the gender landscape in education. and the transvestite world.Dressing Tales is said to provide a quality introduction of queer culture into the world of early childhood education.Building on the work of José Esteban Muñoz, the authors discuss five interrelated elements of the program that open the way for early childhood educators to be queer -imagination: play practice, aesthetic transformation, strategic defiance, destigmatization of shame, and embodied intimacy. Ultimately, the authors hope that the teaching of transvestism will provide a formal approach to queer pedagogy that addresses LGBT people as a way of life.”

They want to teach young children about LGBT as a “way of life”. Further italics by James Lindsey:

“Drag queens have historically belonged to the realm of the night. However, over the past few years, drag artists have moved from dim gay bars to fluorescent lights in libraries and school classrooms. In 2019, drag queen superstar Nina West released a children’s music album called Drag Is Magic, and in A number of children’s books on the subject were released in 2020. These efforts build on the seminal work of a number of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth organizations (such as Queens of the Castro in San Francisco, which has been playing dress-up games with high school students for the past decade) . In this article, we explore the pedagogical contribution of the Fairy Tales in Dress program to the development of the queer imagination in the context of early childhood. Through this program, transvestite artists, with their penchant for humorous insults and playful obscenities, instill various forms of literacy in children, promoting compelling stories as an integral part of the queer and trans communities, as well as valuable elements of early childhood education. We are guided by the following question: what can Fairy Tales in Disguise give educators in terms of introducing young children to queer knowledge of being?

They want to teach “queer knowledge of being” and “playful obsceneness.” That’s it. Clear as daylight.

Alas, the current administration is entirely on the side of the “military-corrupting” complex. But there is good news from the Republican camp.

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) and the House Republican Research Committee, led by Jim Banks (R-Ind.), announced Wednesday that they will introduce a bill to protect minors from medical malpractice in both houses of Congress.

Legislators are concerned that doctors are too loose in prescribing puberty blockers, sex hormones and surgical procedures that alter the physiology and appearance of minors. Once the bill is passed, victims and their legal guardians will be able to sue surgeons who perform gender reassignment surgery on minors and doctors who prescribe hormonal treatments for up to 30 years after the subjects reach adulthood.

The authors clarify that federal law “cannot be interpreted as obliging doctors to prescribe such procedures” and want to prohibit “the transfer of federal funds to states where doctors are forced to perform gender reassignment procedures.”

Libs Of TikTok’s Twitter profile posts real-world news that the media wants to hide from you. Here is an example:

A mom from Barrington School District revealed that her sixth grader was given a pornographic book called What is Queer on their summer reading list.

The post got a lot of good reviews. Reader A writes:

“Surely many parents will lose their children because of this. Have you seen the statistics on buzzers (generation born after 2000 – Approx. transl.)? Propaganda works! Moreover, it works all the more effectively when it is supported by the entire social order, when anyone who opposes is treated as a Nazi or a Ku Klux Klan. That Hungarian media law you wrote about last year is designed to protect children from propaganda so that they do not hate their bodies and think that for the sake of “integrity” they have to cut off their breasts or testicles. This is what the Florida Education Act is designed to combat. So what? All the media, business, lawyers, doctors and liberals from politics took up arms: it turns out that this is the complete opposite of freedom and democracy.

Exactly. A second reader, let’s call him “B”, sent me an excerpt from an article in Politico magazine about Italian centre-right Georgia Meloni:

“The head of the largest party in the Italian right-wing coalition, which should receive about 45 percent of the vote, Meloni has every chance to lead the next government.

Meloni has a reputation as a cultural right-winger on issues such as immigration and LGBTQ+ rights, but thanks to the support of NATO and Ukraine, she is seen as a moderate alternative to more radical politicians.”

And further:

“To enter the cabinet, Meloni will have to completely reject the image of a radical and gain the respect of a wide range of voters.

However, she continues to hold radical views on many issues. At a campaign event in Spain in support of the far-right Vox party, she declared her opposition to the “LGBT lobby” and immigration.

“B” comments: “The choice of words is indicative: yesterday’s generally accepted views today have turned into” radical “.

Back to reader “A”:

“The political correctness of the left is missionary. They believe that all whites should accept their ideology, and without the True Faith, the path to the middle and upper classes of our society is blocked. When the right lost the culture war in 2015 (I think he means case of Obergefell v. Hodges – Rod Dreyer), leftists began to change the culture as they please. The opposition can no longer be condemned: it can simply be crushed.

It is worth noting how far these people are from the traditional interests of the Left. The “vigilant” leftists easily put up with globalization, rampant capitalism, powerful multinational corporations, a security police state and oligarchs. Any left before 1980 would have revolted. But for the new generation, it’s like the Ring of Omnipotence: they willingly accept the domination of powerful elites, as long as they vouch that no white heterosexual Christian will say anything that they do not like. Writer James Poulos was right when he predicted the coming of the Pink Police State. That is why today’s Western yuppies console themselves with the idea that they are the “good” left, even if they put up with such blatant inequality, exploitation, stratification and militarism, from which they would formerly recoil.

Put it on your nose: the “vigilant” left literally demands our children, and if we do not give them up, we will be declared fanatics and will be told that our hands are stained with the blood of the sacred classes of victims that we supposedly destroyed. I remember five years ago you published Benedict’s Choice. Then you were considered an alarmist. But today we come to the point that without a community of like-minded people, you are seriously at risk of losing your child because of this madness.”

And this reader is a war veteran, and we have already corresponded. Here is what he writes:

“When we went to war after September 11, the government explained that we must defend our way of life from those who hate us and want to ruin us. As a result, we lost two wars and lost that very way of life. But it was not taken from us by terrorists. And we ourselves.

Moreover, all the time, all the money and effort that the right spent ostensibly on “strengthening the empire” (as MacIntyre put it) – but in fact on foreign adventures – would be useful at home in order to maintain at least a pitiful semblance of traditional culture. Your friend Ross Douthat correctly predicted that the collapse of the Bush administration heralded Obama as a kind of liberal Reagan and turned into a defeat for the right on all social issues for the next ten to twenty years. If the Republican elite (which has learned nothing, has forgotten everything and is already ready to unleash a new war, this time in Ukraine) wants to know why they are so hated, then here it is.

Shame on Vladimir Putin for Ukraine! But I will not send my son to fight and die so that the Donbass “become bluer” and “clear” capitalism come to Ukraine. For whom among those who look at the US and the UK from abroad and see all our politically correct decline, we will become a moral compass? You know, the atrocities of Xi Jinping or Vladimir Putin do not yet give us morality.

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