American official reveals details of special operation to kill al-Qaeda leader

The strike of an American drone, which was Destroyed al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri on his own balcony in Kabul, was the result of a months-long undercover operation by President Biden and a group of his advisers, informs CNN.

O plan to neutralize Zawahiri a very narrow circle of people was informed. To prepare for the special operation, they even designed a small copy of the terrorist’s house.

The details of the special operation and its planning were revealed by an administration official.

In particular, according to him, in April, US intelligence recorded Zawahiri in a safe house in Kabul. US officials were aware of the terrorist leader’s support network in the Afghan capital. Within months, with the help of several intelligence sources, they identified his wife, daughter, and grandchildren.

The women used emergency security to prevent anyone from following them to the al-Qaeda leader’s location. Zawahiri himself never left the house.

After several months of careful surveillance, US officials determined that Zawahiri had been on the balcony intermittently for extended periods of time.

At the same time, US intelligence continued to monitor his activities and analyzed the structure of the building in order to keep it as unharmed as possible when eliminating the terrorist and avoid civilian casualties, including members of the Zawahiri family.

Since the building is located in a residential area in the center of Kabul, the intelligence agencies had to reckon with this and ensure that the operation was planned as carefully as possible.

July 1 President of the United States Joe Biden gathered for a meeting of key national security officials in the situation room of the White House.

Biden was “deeply immersed in intelligence,” a senior official said.

Of particular interest was a scaled-down model of the Zawahiri house that intelligence officials built and brought to the White House for the president to inspect. Biden was interested in all the details: from the materials from which the terrorist’s house was built, the location of rooms and windows, to the impact of building lighting and weather on the upcoming special operation.

“Biden has been particularly focused on ensuring that the risk of civilian casualties is minimized.”the official said.

In parallel with the technical planning of the sting operation, the White House Legal Department studied and analyzed intelligence related to Ayman al-Zawahiri in order to have a legal basis for the sting operation.

The last meeting took place on July 25, when Biden was in self-isolation due to COVID-19. After a detailed discussion, he authorized “point airstrike”to destroy the target.

Five days later, two Hellfire rockets were fired at the balcony of the terrorist leader’s building in Kabul. Several intelligence sources confirmed Zawahiri’s assassination. The members of his family who were in other parts of the house were not injured.

Commenting on a successful special operation, Joe Biden issued a warning to al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups around the world.

As you know, Ayman al-Zawahiri, together with Osama bin Laden, the founder of the Al-Qaeda group, planned the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Recall that on that day a group of 19 terrorists hijacked four passenger planes in the United States, two of which subsequently crashed into the Twin Towers World Trade Center in New York. Another rammed the Pentagon building near the American capital, and the fourth fell near the city of Shanksville in Pennsylvania after the passengers and crew tried to neutralize the terrorists.

More than 2,900 people were killed in the attacks, and Al-Qaeda terrorist organization claimed responsibility for them.

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