Alexander Rybak is being treated for years of addiction

Alexander Rybak / photo

Belarusian singer, winner of Eurovision 2009 Alexander Rybak left for the United States for rehabilitation after many years of dependence on antidepressants.

This is reported by the Belarusian edition “Our Niva”.

Two years ago, Rybak admitted that he had been on sleeping pills and antidepressants for many years. When they began to destroy his life, he realized that this had to be fought. And in 2020, he began rehabilitation.

“This affected not only my brain, but also affected the muscles, stomach and general condition of the body. This addiction spoiled my relationships with people, but most importantly, it almost destroyed my will to live,” the singer said in an interview.

He also said that as a child he was hit hard in the stomach, and this affected his nervous system. After participating in Eurovision, the situation worsened. At the same time now the performer feels a little better.

Recall that earlier Ukrainian created a unique clip for the winner of Eurovision-2009 Alexander Rybak.

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