Airborne Forces Day in Ukraine 2021

When the Airborne Forces Day is celebrated in Ukraine and how this holiday has changed over the years, UNIAN will tell.

Every year in August, Ukrainians remember the day of the Airborne Forces, although these troops have long had a different name. This type of troops conducts dangerous operations behind enemy lines, and also performs the functions of an airborne assault.

On November 21, 2017, the Highly Mobile Airborne Troops were renamed the Airborne Assault Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and the color of the berets became burgundy. The date was not chosen by chance – this is the day of the Archangel Michael, the commander of the “God’s Army”, the patron saint of the landing troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Earlier, we talked about what holiday is 2 august celebrated in Ukraine. Orthodox believers congratulate each other todayHappy Elijah Day 2022.

When is the day of the Airborne Forces in Ukraine – the history of the holiday

On August 2, 1930, several people landed on the expanses of the USSR during parachute exercises. This landing was one of the first in military history. During Soviet times, paratroopers were considered the “elite”. Every year on August 2, mass cultural events were held – the fighters showed hand-to-hand combat techniques and performed landing tasks.

Read alsoDay of Elijah the Prophet 2022: why you can not swim and what is allowed to doOn the same day, veterans of the landing troops put on their uniforms and went out into the city – to celebrate the holiday, to give parting words to the young. However, they noted it differently. Because of this, the stereotype of “drunk paratroopers” bathing in fountains has become entrenched among the people.

Ukraine, like all countries of the former USSR, has supported this tradition.

Until 2012, the airborne troops were called airborne, and after 2012 they were renamed highly mobile, hence the abbreviation, similar to the Soviet one – the Airborne Forces.

Summing up, let’s say that the Day of the Airborne Forces in Ukraine is celebrated not on August 2, but on November 21.

Airborne Forces Day in Ukraine – congratulations on the holiday

There is no former paratrooper!

We are in a hurry to congratulate you

And on this important day, we wish:

Be healthy, happy and loved!

Look at life with a happy look,

Let there be no troubles and separations.

We are calm, because next to us

There is a faithful and reliable friend!


Airborne Forces Day is your glorious holiday!

I sincerely congratulate you.

Fearless, valiant paratrooper,

I treat you with respect.

I wish you happiness and success

As well as peace on earth.

Let nothing be a hindrance

In your lucky fate.


My dear friend, paratrooper,

May you be lucky everywhere.

I hasten to congratulate you

Happy Airborne Forces Day.

You are determined and courageous.

With a bright flame in his eyes.

And you are not intimidated

No jumps, no skies.

Can’t find anyone like you:

Strong, brave, groovy.

May you always be healthy

Brave, bright, young.

Airborne Forces Day – congratulations in prose

How to congratulate on the day of the Airborne Forces /

How to congratulate on the day of the Airborne Forces /

Congratulations on Airborne Forces Day! I wish you never to stumble, not to doubt yourself, not to be afraid of difficulties and obstacles, to persevere towards your goal, and if you really have to fall, then let there always be the support of a glorious comrade, true love and a reliable parachute. Good luck, health, strength, wisdom and optimism!


Congratulations on Airborne Forces Day! Let every day in life be a high successful flight. I wish you to famously overcome any distances and obstacles on the way to your goal. I wish you to open the parachute of your luck in time. I wish you to firmly believe in yourself, boldly land on the platform of happy love and true friendship.


On Airborne Forces Day, I want to congratulate you on your holiday. I wish you long life and good health. May there be good and memorable moments in life, there will always be relatives and friends nearby. Never lose heart, be an example for guys and men and always stay in great shape!


Happy Airborne Forces Day! Good health and all the best to you! A cozy home, true friends, pleasant meetings and joyful events! May all your undertakings be successful! Let courage and courage grow, let the fortitude help to set high goals and easily achieve them!

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