Additional 10% tax on imported goods: the government has prepared a bill

The Cabinet of Ministers in the coming weeks should submit a relevant bill to the Parliament.

An additional fee will be imposed on imported goods / photo from UNIAN

The government is preparing a draft law on an additional fee on imported goods in Ukraine.

People’s Deputy Yaroslav Zheleznyak announced this in his Telegram channel.

“Yes, I confirm that the government is already preparing a draft law on an additional import duty. It is worth noting here that the concept chosen was not additional import duties (which is difficult to administer), but the introduction of a 10% duty on foreign exchange transactions for the purchase of imported, all imported goods and services,” he wrote.

As Zheleznyak noted, according to the government’s calculations, this should reduce the demand for imported goods and pressure on the hryvnia.

“The CMU is expected to introduce a bill in the coming weeks,” he added.

Finance Minister Sergei Marchenko in an interview UNIAN said that the dynamics of tax and customs revenues in our country is beginning to improve. In particular, in March customs receipts reached 7 billion hryvnia, while in July it was already more than 22 billion hryvnia.

According to him, now the concept of a new collection has not yet been selected.

“We are now discussing the issue of introducing an additional customs fee. Such an initiative may not be called an additional customs fee, it may be a separate military fee. Or an additional fee for foreign exchange operations for the purchase of imported goods. There is still no final concept, therefore, when and in what form a fee will be introduced – it’s too early to say,” Marchenko said.

Recall that earlier it was reported that Ukraine may raise taxes to fill the state budget.

It is worth adding that hryvnia began to strengthen on the market. The NBU said that so far there are no prerequisites for the growth of currencies. In addition, strict restrictions were placed on exchange points.

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