actual prices for Ukrainian filling stations published – UNIAN

The average gas price in the networks of filling stations is 41.85 UAH/l.

Autogas becomes cheaper in Ukraine / REUTERS illustration

Weekly average auto gas price in the networks of gas stations in Ukraine decreased by 60 kopecks – up to 41.85 UAH/l.

This is evidenced by the data of daily monitoring of the retail market. Consulting group “A-95”.

Gas at stations of the KLO network fell in price by 1 UAH/l, to 41.99 UAH/l. In the network “Neftek” autogas fell by 3 UAH – up to 42.99 UAH / liter.

The Shell and SOCAR networks reduced the cost of the product by UAH 1.15 and 0.75, to UAH 41.89 and 41.23 per liter, respectively. The prices of Motto and Mango were reduced by UAH 2.36 and UAH 1.5, to UAH 41.84 and 42.39/l.

BRSM-Nafta, UPG, BVS, Chipo, Avantage 7 and VostokGaz reduced prices by 1.6-2 UAH/l.

As UNIAN reported, in May autogas at gas stations has risen in price by almost 10 UAH per litre.

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