A sinkhole the size of a tennis court appeared in the Atacama Desert – photo – Ukrainian News, World

In the Atacama Desert in northern Chile, a huge crater the size of a tennis court has appeared near a copper mine. It is reported by the news agency AFP.

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Specialists were sent to the site to inspect a hole with a diameter of about 32 meters and twice as deep.

According to the National Geological Service, the sinkhole appeared in an area about 800 km north of Santiago over the weekend.

For safety reasons, work in the mine area has been temporarily suspended, experts will try to determine the cause of the collapse and provide measures to protect the lives of workers and the local population living nearby.

The mayor of the local municipality of Tierra Amarilla, Christian Zuniga, called the appearance of the sinkhole unprecedented.

“We ask for clarification as to whether the collapse is the result of mining or something else,” he said.

Chile is the world’s largest copper producer, accounting for a quarter of the world’s supply.

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