A sinkhole in the Atacama Desert – a sinkhole the size of a tennis court appeared in Chile

In Chile, a sinkhole the size of a tennis court has formed in the Atacama Desert. The formation of an unusual structure has already attracted the attention of experts who began to study this issue, informs AFP.

It is noted that the funnel appeared near the copper mine. Its diameter is estimated at 32 meters, and its depth is twice that. The funnel formed 800 kilometers north of Santiago, the capital of Chile.

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Experts have already delineated a 100-meter security perimeter around the crater. It is noted that she appeared next to the Alcaparrosa mine, which is owned by the Canadian company Lundin Mining.

The company has already stated that there was no damage to equipment or infrastructure facilities, and the mine personnel were also not injured. From the moment of detection, the funnel remains stable.

At the same time, work in the area where the crater appeared was temporarily suspended to eliminate the risk of further collapse.

The director of the National Agency for Geology and Mining, David Montenegro, said that experts are trying to establish the cause of the formation of a funnel, and also intend to take all measures that are necessary to protect the lives and safety of workers and people who live near the collapse site.

Chile is the largest producer of copper in the world, accounting for about a quarter of the world’s supply of this metal.

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