A private detective named the exact signs that a partner is cheating on you

It’s always hard to suddenly find out that your partner is cheating on you, but most people would rather know the truth than be in the dark about a loved one’s infidelity.

To catch a traitor “at the crime scene” or to confirm suspicions, people sometimes turn to specialists – private detectives who make a living collecting evidence of secret connections.

Specialists whose job is to track down unfaithful partners are well aware of all the signs that a person is hiding something or someone.

We spoke with one of the famous private detectives – a former federal agent – who listed the obvious signs of infidelity. He also talked about some of the less visible warning signs and when to panic.

Tom Martin told The Independent that unfaithful partners always follow the same pattern.

Following this pattern of behavior over the past 40 years, Martin, CEO of Martin Investigative Services in Newport Beach, California, wrote a book called Seeing Life through Private Eyes. In it, he listed the 20 most eloquent signs that indicate a partner’s infidelity.

While these signals seem pretty obvious, don’t panic if you notice one or two of them. But, according to Martin, the presence of more than four “bells” almost certainly indicates that the partner is cheating on you.

The most common and obvious signs are regular work delays, business trips, decreased sex, and defensiveness.

Buying a gym membership and new clothes can also be a sign that your partner is looking to work on himself – probably for someone else.

If you notice one or two signs from the list below, this does not mean at all that your loved one is to blame, because in any relationship some changes occur over time. But according to Martin, four or more matches is already a problem.

Meanwhile, the most important “bell”, which in no case can be ignored, is intuition. According to Martin, people can almost always guess that a loved one is not 100% faithful to them.

Signs of betrayal:

Even if your partner isn’t showing the typical signs of infidelity, you may still feel uncomfortable.

In this era of advanced technology, most people are able to confirm their fears on their own, Martin says, and they no longer need the services of private detectives.

“The situation has changed radically,” Martin explained. “And this has happened solely due to the development of technology.”

According to him, the signs of infidelity remained the same, but now catching the wrong partner has become as easy as picking up the phone or logging into an iCloud account.

After noticing that a loved one tries to quietly leave the room to answer a late call or hide a text message, many people try to catch the cheater themselves.

However, Martin recommends not to panic in such situations and not jump to conclusions, because “these unfounded worries can jeopardize a valuable relationship.”

If you suspect that your loved one may be cheating on you, re-read the list of signs of infidelity or seek help from experts.

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