A new batch of HIMARS arrived in Ukraine

Four additional HIMARS were delivered to Ukraine.

HIMARS became

Four more units of HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems arrived in Ukraine from USA.

This was announced by Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov in Twitter.

“Four additional HIMARS have arrived in Ukraine,” Reznikov said.

He thanked US President Joe Biden, Pentagon Secretary Lloyd Austin and the American people for supporting Ukraine’s defense capability.

“We have proved that we know how to handle these weapons. The sound of the HIMARS salvo has become the main musical hit of this summer on the front lines!” the minister added.

Also on August 1, it became known that to Ukraine from Germany MARS II multiple launch rocket systems arrived.

Previously UNIAN talked about the benefits of HIMARS, which with long-range shells can destroy enemy logistics in the rear, ammunition depots, as well as meeting points for officers.

Recently in the Russian Ministry of Defense disgraced when they lied about the alleged destruction of 100 missiles for HIMARS.

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