A miraculously surviving cup from Gostomel fell into the hands of Elena Zelenskaya

Only the walls remained of the house. Also miraculously survived two cups – symbols of the invincibility and resilience of the Ukrainian people.

The family of Anna Boyko from Gostomel, Kyiv region, was left without a home due to shelling. From the survivor – two cups, one of which the woman gave to journalists and asked to sell it or play it, and give the money to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine or children left without parents.

As they say in the story “Snidanku z 1 + 1”, Anna leaves her home for the second time. During the occupation of Luhansk in 2014, she left there and settled in Gostomel, a suburb of Kyiv. She and her husband have been building their own house for 7 years. But the family did not have time to celebrate the housewarming because of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation.

Only the walls remained of their house. Also, miraculously, two cups remained intact – symbols of the invincibility and resilience of the Ukrainian people in this war. And the day before, the signature of the first lady Elena Zelenskaya appeared on the cup.

Now a cup autographed by the wife of the President of Ukraine will be played among the audience of “Snidanka z 1 + 1”. Zelenskaya was impressed by the family’s history.

Earlier it was reported that in Borodyanka, Kyiv region, which was badly damaged by Russian shelling, miraculously survived kitchen cabinet in a destroyed house.

Later it became known that the Ternopil furniture company looking for owners of housing destroyed in Borodyanka with a well-known kitchen cabinet, in order to make them a new kitchen set for free.

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