A hellish period is coming in the war in Ukraine

The risk of cataclysms, major accidents, and plane crashes also increases, the astroexpert says.

Astrologer Olga Medvetskaya predicts that the first week of summer will be the hottest this year. The next one will also be very intense.

From the 1st to the 4th, there will be a peak in the contact of Mars with Uranus, so these days the risk of cataclysms, major accidents, and air crashes increases, the astroexpert writes on his Instagram page.

“There may be revolutionary events, power upheavals on the world stage (after all, Saturn also intervenes with its negativity),” the astrologer noted.

According to Medvetskaya, from the second half of the week, Mercury will move into the sign of Virgo – agreements, thinking will become clearer, more balanced.

At the household level, high conflicts are possible, there may be problems with electricity in general and electrical devices, gadgets, the Internet, and social networks.

Recall, earlier astrologer Dmitry Uranus toldwhen the war in Donbass ends.

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