A blow to the Crimean bridge and exorbitant prices – why the Russians do not rest in the Crimea

Cafe owners also complain that there is no demand, and no one will work at a loss.

The beach in Yalta is half empty / Screenshot

Despite the occupiers’ assurances of tourist attraction of Crimea, it is not the first season that there are few people who want to relax on the occupied peninsula. And the reasons are different: from space prices, poor service, militarization, unwillingness to pay the aggressor and threats to hit the Crimean bridge.

Journalists”Browser”We found out why the Russians themselves do not go on vacation to the Crimea occupied by them.

It is noted that, despite the start of the beach season, the Crimean beaches are empty. Many cafes, kiosks are closed and are not going to start trading.

“Yes, there are no tourists yet. Usually, we start working in the second week of June, and at the end of the first month of summer, the season is already in full swing. This year I don’t know what will happen. We won’t open until July 1, and then we’ll see,” says owner of several outlets in Alushta.

Cafe owners also complain that there is no demand, and no one will work at a loss, so they do not dare to open their establishments yet.

“Russians, who have been the main vacationers here for the past eight years, are scared away by the war in Ukraine, warships near the beaches, missile launches that are clearly visible both during the day and at night,” the material says.

The sad situation is in Sudak and Feodosia, where the embankments and beaches are empty. Many believe that there are few tourists due to the fact that planes from Russia no longer fly to the peninsula. Although they really hope that vacationers on trains will come to them along the Crimean bridge.

“The rumors that the bridge might be destroyed scared people very much. Planes don’t fly, it’s scary to drive over the bridge, train tickets are sold out. Well, unless they come on foot,” laughs local pensioner from Evpatoria Dmitry Pavlov.

Crimean boarding houses and sanatoriums are now filled at the expense of Russian beneficiaries.

Earlier it was reported that citizens of the Russian Federation on Turkish resorts this summer will be much less. This situation has developed due to problems with flights and Russian credit cards.

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