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Attackers target not only state institutions and corporations, but also small and medium-sized enterprises.

Since the beginning of 2022, the number of identified cyber threats increased by 20%, in particular, the number of spyware and spam emails has increased. At the same time, not only state institutions and corporations, but also small and medium-sized enterprises are targeted by attackers. While large companies have full-fledged IT departments to respond to threats, smaller enterprise networks are not well protected, making them an easy target for cybercriminals.

Concerning ESET experts recommend checking the effectiveness of corporate network protection and strengthening the company’s cybersecurity with the following steps.

Step 1: Apply the required updates.

The basic rule of data security is regular operating system updates laptops and computers. Since the timely elimination of vulnerabilities reduces the risk of malware infecting devices. Pay attention to update requests and install available patches in a timely manner or set up automatic app and software updates.

Step 2: Secure your remote access.

The company’s cybersecurity strategy should also contain measures to protect employees who work remotely. In particular, to securely connect to the corporate network, such employees should use VPN. This prevents hackers from intercepting sensitive data.

Also, don’t forget to use complex passwords to access devices and to sign in to accounts and apps. Enhance login security with two-factor authenticationwhich, if the user’s credentials are stolen, will prevent attackers from gaining access to corporate resources.

Step 3. Take care of the security of confidential information.

One of the key cybersecurity goals for a company of any size is the protection of sensitive data. Since the loss of some files can have quite serious consequences for the further functioning of the business. To avoid such incidents, regular data backupwhich allows you to restore the necessary documents at any time.

Another important tool for corporate file security is encryption, which makes the data unreadable without the corresponding key. First of all, encryption should be used to protect the intellectual property and innovations of the enterprise, as well as other confidential data.

Step 4: Prevent data breaches and raise employee awareness.

According to 2021 data, about 60% of small businesses have experienced at least one data breach, and 44% paid between $250,000 and $500,000 to cover losses. To reduce the risk of such incidents, companies should take care of the security of confidential information in advance using DLP Solutions.

Such a decision prevents data leaksprotecting the company from the consequences of human error and deliberate malicious behavior. Through holistic behavioral analysis, the product effectively identifies and responds to internal threats before they cause incidents. In addition, the DLP solution helps protect sensitive data, manage worker productivity, and improve work efficiency.

Also important for the cybersecurity of the company should be informing employees about current threats and how to protect against them. Because, according to research, 82% of data breaches in 2021 were human-related. Therefore, the management of the enterprise should take care of regular exercises on information securitypossible attack methods using social engineering and ways to recognize them. In addition, you need to determine the procedure that employees must follow during security incidents.

Step 5. Protect corporate mail and cloud resources.

Email remains a common attack vector for cybercriminals. In particular, in January-April 2022, the number of malicious programs distributed via emails increased by 37%. To prevent infection with this type of threat will help advanced email and storage protectionas well as applications for teamwork.

While preventing ransomware and “0-day” threats from entering a company’s environment will help advanced threat intelligence tool. This solution provides proactive detection of new malware by checking all submitted suspicious samples in an isolated and powerful cloud-based sandbox.

Step 6. Provide comprehensive protection for the corporate network.

Today, it is important for organizations to ensure the cybersecurity of the company at all levels in order to minimize the risks of attacks. A complete solution is ideal for this purpose. ESET PROTECT MDRwhich provides protection for an enterprise of any size.

In particular, solution to reduce the risk of loss or theft of confidential data due to XDR toolwhich ensures timely response to incidents. In addition to protecting workstations and file servers, the comprehensive solution also includes security service and premium support. This allows you to quickly analyze and fix any network security issues with the help of ESET’s leading experts.

Following these steps will help improve your company’s cybersecurity and ensure that your corporate network is properly protected from attacks by cybercriminals. To learn more about ESET products and find the right solution for your business, please contact or by phone +380 44 545 77 26 (department for work with partners and clients).

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