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These films will show how vindictive women can be.

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Women often become victims of male aggression. And if one of them breaks down, falls into depression, then there are those who can work through the trauma and move on. But there is a third category of women who are ready to repay their offenders at any cost.

“I Spit on Your Grave”

One day, Jennifer Hills is sexually assaulted. But she couldn’t forget about it. To make it somehow easier, she decides to move to another city. On her way to her new home, she stops at a gas station, where she meets three local bullies. One of them tries to approach her, but the girl refuses him.

Later, she meets a mentally retarded guy who comes to her house to fix the toilet. As a token of gratitude, Jennifer will kiss him on the cheek, and the blushing guy will simply run away. Later, he will tell his friends from the same trio about this. And then the worst will begin. The guy who tried to meet her at the gas station decides to show off to his friends and get Jennifer at any cost. They break into her house and mock her, and later Hills brutally avenge them for all the grievances.

“Kill Bill”

Quentin Tarantino’s film begins with the epigraph “Revenge is a dish best served cold.” In the center of the plot, a pregnant assassin named Black Mamba. During the marriage, she is shot by a man named Bill. A bullet in the head of the victim, blood on the wedding dress, darkness … But the head of the Black Mamba turned out to be strong.


The main character lived a happy life until she found out about the betrayal of her husband with a famous writer. Then she decides to take revenge on him for the betrayal and enlists the support of the same devoted women. Throughout the film, she will try to denigrate him in the eyes of the public. As a result, she will still be able to prove that happiness cannot be built on someone else’s misfortune.

“Iron Grip”

After thug Tom Cheney killed Matty’s father, the fourteen-year-old girl turned to an experienced shooter Cogburn, nicknamed Roughneck, with a request to help her track down Cheney and get justice.

According to the plot of the film, it is this 14-year-old girl who will hold the Old West by the throat. Her determination is unmatched.

“Mistress .45”

The plot revolves around a mute seamstress who is raped twice on the same day. With one offender, she got even almost immediately. She decides to keep his gun, change her appearance and take revenge on half the male population. Despite the scary scenes, the film is truly mesmerizing.

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