5 favorites of Ukrainian women are now being discussed by the whole country (video) – UNIAN

They are the heroes of Ukraine, who have proved their love for the people and the country.

With the start of a full-scale war in Ukraine, women’s tastes have changed. If earlier they adored actors, musicians or athletes, now the military is at the peak of popularity.

So which of the Ukrainian military women dubbed “crashes”?

File photo of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny just broke the network. In his youth, he was an unreal handsome man, and over the years he became even better. It is under his leadership that the Armed Forces of Ukraine give a heroic rebuff to the “second army of the world.”

Valery Zaluzhny / photo UNIAN

“Handsome man! Take care of him, Lord,” “Son of his people,” “What a Cossack,” “You can look at the photo of young Zaluzhny forever,” netizens write.

24 year old Roman Ratushny also won the hearts of all Ukrainians. He is remembered for his famous phrase: “The more we kill Russians now, the less our children will have to kill.” Until February 24, he was an activist and fought against illegal developments in Ukraine. And after the start of the war, he went to serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He was a scout, and died on June 9 near Izyum, defending the independence of our country.

Roman Ratushny / photo OO

Another famous phrase from the beginning of the war is “Russian warship, go fuck yourself.” Its authorship was attributed to infantryman Roman Gribov, but later it turned out that he did not invent it. Who actually set the trend among Ukrainians is unknown. The name of this military man is not declassified for security reasons. But even so, Roman Gribov from Snake Island became a hero of Ukraine.

Previously UNIAN named the main sex symbols in the war.

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